So I’m joining the more preferred ranks of Planet Internet via blog form.

This blog will be part documentative, part motivational, part inspirational, and part organizational (and maybe some inserted ego). I don’t know the specific directions nor the current content in mind, but I foresee it growing and shaping as I get the feel for it. Encouragement is always welcome. 

The main goal is to organize my progress as I endure my restart in higher education as a Fashion Design and Textile Technology major. 

Many years ago I attained a degree in Linguistics and one in Chinese and they took me places mentally and physically. They did not take me anywhere career-wise, so I am turning to my love of learning, design, fashion, and geeky information to tap my untapped creativity. The progress or failure will be demonstrated here. 

Inspirations and admirations will be a big part of this. My personal daily everything might just show up too. When you look into a new abyss, it often looks back into you. 


(I’m nervous).