My sewing class is the most challenging because it’s the only class where visual results are so practice and technique dependent. I’ve sewed before, but only mainly in straight lines to alter already existing clothing. This is a whole new animal. 

 We have three major projects this semester along with smaller technique sample projects. This is project number one, an A-line skirt. It had to have darts, a set-on waistband, a centered zipper, a hook and eye closure and be in a plaid woven fabric (to teach us about grain and matching and layout and other such headache-inducing nonsense.).

I’ll spare the in-depth details, but basically, lots of cutting, pinning, and turning things inside out and back again and hand-sewing to finish things were involved. And lots of obnoxious ironing at every step, which was really a life lesson in future fabric selection and to not choose the flimsiest material on the planet.  And we go:


The zipper. Success! Transparencies in odd unsewable mood lighting reveal the placement below. 

Side seaming. This took the most time in terms of getting an even seam allowance width on a curve. Hours, actually. Eye-gouging hours.

However, I am a sewing warrior.

Evidence that I own no pin cushion.

The finished product!

Paperwork declaring it so! 


Our next project is a top (unisex so I can actually wear this one) in a knit fabric. It’s already a can of unimaginable worms. To be continued.