I went to Los Angeles for the weekend largely as small escape, but it quickly tied into so much more. Following election day, where the nation incredibly elected Barack Obama (and finally settled my 2 year old anxiety), Proposition 8 passed on the ballot in California, banning same-sex marriage, an already legal right ruled on months before. This movement was largely funded by the Mormon Church. 

As it turns out, California wasn’t going to simply accept that. Rallies followed right away in many cities. Here is the one I joined on Thursday November 6th in Los Angeles, proving that one’s political voicing is never really finished.  We blocked 5 major streets (after several hours I left, and the rally kept right on into the wee a.m. hours.) We grew to a recorded 5,000 people and days later, it amassed to 15,000 and was even joined by Drew Barrymore.


The Mormon Headquarters church. This is where the rallies originated. 

My favorite sign in this mix was a woman’s that read “you can have 10 wives, why can’t I have 1?”.

Eventually we had sit-ins in major intersections and blocked off some off-ramps of the 405. Very effective for getting police to clear new areas to advance forward.

The Police were actually quite helpful. They cleared areas, and provided a lot of legal discourse for us. Eventually, we went a little rogue (in the vein of Sarah Palin) and just walked into traffic jamming cars for quite some time. No one even seemed bothered. We got many honks of support, lots of high-fives and cheers from inside cars, buildings and stores and one woman rolled down her window and said “great job, don’t stop until you win! No on prop 8 or anything like it ever!”

This girl’s voice was amazing. She kept us chanting and motivated the whole time and never got tired. 

This billboard loomed over us as we marched on Santa Monica Blvd. It felt like an ominous looming voice of support on our side to me. 


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