Our second sewing project involved another novice learning agenda. Use sleeves, a knit fabric, and use bias tape to secure seams and a collar. The knit top process was harsh but quick. Once I got a ballpoint needle and learned good tension for a knit, I was well on my way. And I got to make something for myself this time, which means I can use the pattern to pump out as many of these as I want to if I want them in different colors. 

Note, the photos were taken in a huge rush, so forgive the lack of focus/detail in some. 



A sleeve in an unsewn cut look funny and like capes.

Stay stitching. This prevents fabric from warping/raveling when you work with manipulating it into curves. It also works a great marker when stitching over it into the actual garment. 

My first sleeve! Came out basically perfect.

Shoulder seaming. It’s all held together with some bias tape well placed top stitching.

Whole look. Overall, I’m very pleased. 


Next up is our dress shirt. I opted to make a woman’s shirt because it’s more difficult. It’s a shirt-dress style and I’ll learn about bust point darts, and waist/hip proportions as they related to a whole bodice-based garment. A men’s shirt would just be too easy, but I’ll be making plenty during my winter break.