I’m in the final days of my first semester as a Fashion Design major.


Project for Survey Of Industry: Create a line, a logo, and business plan outlining product products, inspiration, and where materials would be sourced, and manufactured with price points and demographics.


Basically, fun, bright spring-inspired sportswear using the plaids and fleur-de-lys graphic that I’ve become obsessed with. Threw in some fun hexagons for the hell of it. 


Project for Intro to Fashion Tech: At the end of your final powerpoint (in where we display everything we learned and all of our projects in a designed presentation), create a whole garment, make a line of three of them, with a costing and sourcing sheet and a spec sheet for technical sewing for it.  The product:


I’ve seen wide sleeves and mod looks emerging as a slow burning trend, so I made a deep-V mod dress with a wide multi-colored sleeve and geared it towards a very futuristic uniform-esque look in fit and color.