Unfortunately my model for the shirt dress project could not make it to the final night of class, so photos will wait until I have the garment back from grading. 

That said, I received my grades: 


I’m a little disappointed about the B- in construction, but it was my hardest class and the material was the newest to me. I’ve rarely done such hands on technical work in any scholastic environment, and I noticed a huge improvement throughout the course. Before that class I’d only altered clothing, I had never made a full piece. The B+ in the survey course is a little irking to me too, but I saw it coming.

But I will forget this annoyance and enjoy what I’ve done. A GPA of 3.42 is nothing to be sad about and when I remove the grades, it was an amazing, high-energy, fascinating semester, and now I have an established place to jump beyond. 

I’m glad it wasn’t easy. Easy doesn’t make you think, and easy doesn’t make you grow. 

I have seven weeks (!) off. I will be making things in the interim to practice better construction, and to try out things I haven’t made yet, namely pants and dresses. Photos will be posted as the progress comes. I can’t believe in complacency. Not where I am now.