In the beginning 2008, I was fresh from ending an endurance test of travel around the U.S., fresh from ending a relationship, or whatever time has ended up classifying that as, and I began the year with cutting out the incredibly unhealthy friendships circumnavigating my life. I quickly resolved things by turning into a hermit, working and saving like so many under-the-radar ant farms.

In April, I went to New York for a weekend and saw Allison Goldfrapp deliver of the best live voices I perhaps have ever heard, came home to find a new apartment which freed me from so many living issues. I then went on yet another and voyaging guy experiment, in where I reverted to a typical muted, annoyingly easy-going self, and had it all turn on its head. In

August, Marco and I went to Spain. I rekindled my love affair with Europe, rocked my bank account, got very important items stolen (95% my fault of course), drank, danced, raced and explored as much as a human being could, floated for hours in the Mediterranean and felt several of those rare uncontainable moments of surrender-yet-control that makes you feel completely removed from your current life as if you were merely hovering over it.

Our last night in Barcelona was the best. Unplanned and meandering, we ate amazing Indian food in a public square and saw one of the best art exhibits in recent memory. Antonin Artaud and his influences on Nancy Sperro. Artaud made vile, creepy, fascinating depictions of torture and war with poetry slathered over them in english and french. One line still stands out in my mind. On a painting of cages and spears the biggest line on the canvas read “and the sleeper that I am will awaken”. If experiences are like rubberbands adding up into a bigger and bigger ball, that line alone is easily the biggest visible band in this year’s additions.

That night, we headed out into a pakistani festival, through the old city walls, and ended up in Museum, a club that was designed to look like a museum. Statues, paintings and framed TVs playing amazing music videos. It was possibly the iconic summer night for me.

I returned home, things crumbled and things rebuilt. After 2 college degrees, 2 years, and no direction, I headed back to school in late August and felt more fulfilled by being a fashion design and textiles technology major than anything in the last 2 years has done for me.

Barack Obama won the election and I slept better than I had in several years, and the next day flew to Los Angeles and was involved in a No On Prop 8 rally, spent time with friends I wish I could spend more time with, walked some cute dogs, and got to hang up the winter coat for a few days.

Finalized the year with plenty of yearly awkward family moments, lots of handshakes, and the satisfaction that my life plan is well under way. I suppose I’m not a scared person anymore, because there is not option to be so. One day I woke up and I was 25, and instantly I realized being afraid of having a new life is no longer on the table because nothing is so frightening than never moving.

Every year I make a mix CD of songs that discuss the story of my year, primarily narratively, but also some abstractly, and a little reminiscently. I upload it for download each year but this time the tracks are in six different formats and I’m doubting they’d be a clean playlist for anyone to juggle with. Specific files are up for request though.

Everyone Inside The Mechanism Is Yearning To Get Out – A 2008 mix