While I’m busying away on my own projects and preparing for school in a few weeks, I’ll profile design/style finds, which is something I do for hours a day online and in magazines anyway, and this will make categorizing and filing easier.

Every piece of adornment a human being can utilize is all culturally rooted somewhere, in material, cut, function or domain of wear. Some are your home town, others are thirteen time zones away. In a globalized planet, every edge has blurred and we are borrowing and re-interpreting other cultures through our own lenses, establishing new waves across the world.  University crest jackets in Korea, fedoras in Russia, wrap scarves in Canada – all had an original origin.

It could be said that location/cultural specific – design is now becoming rare, and styling and re-interpretation has taken its place.

In summer of 2005, I studied abroad in China for three months and got to know the country on a very personal basis. My contact with Asia has never stopped wanting me to know more of it.

Today, we will view Japan. I firmly believe that only in Japan could anyone get away with wearing these outfits and fit in so inconspicuously:

(Photo credits go to Streetpeeper.com) 

You can see the London, the Paris, and the Brooklyn, but the filter is very finely tuned Tokyo. 

There is also a great site dedicated to Tokyo style here: http://www.style-arena.jp/en/street/omotesando/

Aside from clothing, Japan is one of the leading recycling technology leaders. Here is a Bhuddist Temple made of out recycled beer bottles:

Story behind it : http://www.asianoffbeat.com/default.asp?display=1946


And finally, Japanese animation gets lots of attention, but illustrational details are proven unlimited when Japan has actually stylized bar codes:

A huge mosaic of them can be found here: http://www.weirdasianews.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/09/japanese-barcodes-big1.jpg


Personal goal made public: Visit Japan before I am 30.