01} The new semester begins Monday (which is two weeks later than the rest of the world, but if that means more of the semester being in nicer weather, that’s just splendid).  I’m getting ambitious with six classes:

FTT200: Intro to hand knitting

FTT303: Fashion Illustration

FTT306: Textile Evaluation

FTT308: Fashion Computer Aided Design I

FTT325: Pattern Drafting and Grading

HIS106: History of American Life I


Guess which is the general education requirement?  I’m not new to taking six classes in a semester but aside from the knitting class (an elective that happens to fulfill a years-long desire to learn to knit. I can crochet just dandily, but the needles and I never quite understood each other), each class is really heavy on time and saturation of topics.  However, we don’t know what we can’t handle until we try.


02} In between all of this, I’ve taken up Bikram Yoga. I go to this studio. Bikram style is done in a heated room at around 105-110 degrees and utilizes 26 poses. It’s intense, it kicks my ass, I sweat what seems like impossible amounts, it’s among the most grueling things I’ve ever done, but I’ve entirely fallen in love. I barely even acknowledge the heat anymore, I feel lifted and stronger, I can do classes without water now (one of the class’s goals), and I look forward to going every day. I’ve done seven sessions now, and I can foresee this being a huge staple in my life.

Our teachers are really inspiring people who bring a lot to my mind with such simple phrasings. I’m going to begin reading The Upanishads in tandem. 


03} To make this post more fashion related, this is an amazing thing my BFF Jill sent me: a crocheted dress to the look of a cheeseburger. No really, look at it. It’s basically the best thing I’ve seen all week. 

Also, Alexander McQueen is doing a shortly-run line for Target lasting something like 3-4 weeks in April or so. Everything can be found here.  With the exception of maybe two looks, it’s all outstandingly solid, commercial enough for Target, but bold and forward enough to be McQueen. This is what design is, meeting two ends together without compromising the integrity of either side.


04} As for my own construction and such, inspired by the unbelievable colder-than-usual weather, I made myself a cowl for the upcoming 8am walks through campus in a charcoal grey with buttons that resemble a shell-meets-time piece gear shape. The buttons ended up being too wide for the crocheted openings, so I’ve decided to keep the original intent of using them and to cheat sewing the cowl together and then put the buttons on as decoys. Last minute executive decisions!

A local fabric store recently went out of business and I took mass advantage of the sales they were having. I’m making a fun daytime dress out of a rusty-orange print with off-white floral giving a look that comes off very Jenny Lewis-goes-to-India-for-lunch. It’s all cut, I just have to sew, fix my camera (ugh, don’t ask), and post.