Due to the 1-2 punch of much needed immobility and no working camera, I’ve left this blog dusty. Those circumstances are about to turn, and coming soon I will have several knitwear projects I’ve been working on all summer, an etsy.com store, and some samples of some recent self taught work.

Unless then, I leave you with some great articles that really highlight the fashion world in all its actuality, not its photoshopped and marketed ruse:

(1) I Am The Anonymous Model – Fascinating first hand experiences and observations of an international working model. Traveling, living situations, job entailments, pay misconceptions, glamor, health and body issues, and the eventual escape.

(2) Fashion Week is Now Problematic – This article echoes the first few paragraphs of the above article, and lays out possible solutions to the fact that Fashion Week’s process is outdated with compliance to the market and also incompatible with current economics. It also includes some wacky gossip in the comments!