After a long season of sweating and experimenting, I have things to present again.

1.) My Etsy store! – This is going to consist mainly of hand knitted items for now. I racked up about 15 pieces in total this summer, and the rest will be added shortly. I’m obsessed with cowls and hoodie-scarf hybrids and that’s mainly what I’ve been doing. Some hand warmers and hats for good measure will follow.

2.) I’m currently in the process of making this dress for my couture and tailoring class:

Vogue dress

It will be in a tan and cream plaid that has a cranberry floral splash print over it. It will be fully lined with lavender and will ready for process photos within a week.

The design doesn’t call for it, but I’m going to add a triangle dip to the back above the zipper like so:

I may also do a similar beading technique down the back of it like this photo has.

3.) I love this Threads article on the Top Ten Weirdest Dresses (I mean, a BIRD CAGE DRESS!? Yes please.).