After a long season of sweating and experimenting, I have things to present again.

1.) My Etsy store! – This is going to consist mainly of hand knitted items for now. I racked up about 15 pieces in total this summer, and the rest will be added shortly. I’m obsessed with cowls and hoodie-scarf hybrids and that’s mainly what I’ve been doing. Some hand warmers and hats for good measure will follow.

2.) I’m currently in the process of making this dress for my couture and tailoring class:

Vogue dress

It will be in a tan and cream plaid that has a cranberry floral splash print over it. It will be fully lined with lavender and will ready for process photos within a week.

The design doesn’t call for it, but I’m going to add a triangle dip to the back above the zipper like so:

I may also do a similar beading technique down the back of it like this photo has.

3.) I love this Threads article on the Top Ten Weirdest Dresses (I mean, a BIRD CAGE DRESS!? Yes please.).


Due to the 1-2 punch of much needed immobility and no working camera, I’ve left this blog dusty. Those circumstances are about to turn, and coming soon I will have several knitwear projects I’ve been working on all summer, an store, and some samples of some recent self taught work.

Unless then, I leave you with some great articles that really highlight the fashion world in all its actuality, not its photoshopped and marketed ruse:

(1) I Am The Anonymous Model – Fascinating first hand experiences and observations of an international working model. Traveling, living situations, job entailments, pay misconceptions, glamor, health and body issues, and the eventual escape.

(2) Fashion Week is Now Problematic – This article echoes the first few paragraphs of the above article, and lays out possible solutions to the fact that Fashion Week’s process is outdated with compliance to the market and also incompatible with current economics. It also includes some wacky gossip in the comments!



My best semester in my educational history, which quite frankly is a bit too long as it is.

I think Pattern Drafting should have been an A, but I shan’t be one of those people. My biggest trophy is an A in Textile Evaluation. The majority of the grade is based on a cumulative project of industrial textile testing that is submitted in a giant technical report that ended up spanning 55 pages. This and CAD were my hardest feats.

And the A- in CAD is dandy because I was literally thrown into the material and I’m quite frankly not a super ept CAD Designer yet.

I have 3.5 months of vacation ahead of me. I will sew, knit, and learn the humidity away, perhaps with a day or two of the beach.

Final Assignment: 3 full illustrations with original garment ideas, fully color rendered, along with a cohesive color palette and flat sketching of each piece. They may be tied to one design concept, or each individual look can be it’s own.

I chose primary colors with gray because it can work in anything in any season. As I prepared basic sketching to gather ideas for this presentation, it occurred to me that each of these looks had a different background and outlook. I’ve been on a military inspired sportswear look all semester and by pure coincidence, the girl’s countries’ flags contain my original color palette.

Note: The scans have manipulated the colors a tad. Enough to irk me, but not enough for me to do anything about it, ha.

Creating a garment in 3-D presentation is a bit of nightmare. Seams, texture mapping, realistic shading, and how it moves are an unimaginable challenge. I finally got it to translate my idea into a look today:

Logos developed for our design line:

Our fashion show was on Saturday. Photos from the whole event, on and off the runway, are here.

Two seniors tied for the collection prize of $1,000. They are featured here.

More recent Illustration work – getting into details of limbs and facial features, and finally into clothing details and then whole garments.

Final Portfolio Presentation is in a few weeks. Color, shading, concept and total proportionate looks are coming!

The runway graphic I submitted for the fashion show, was chosen to be used for the promotional merchandise!

It’s been uploaded at, (though my last name’s spelling was butchered) and can be printed many styles of shirts, mugs, tote bags, etc. The money goes towards our department’s scholarship funds.

Very nice to see a creative endeavor realized!

3D fashion art and virtual worlds are presumably the next wave of merchandising and drawing. A global program, Second Life, is a leader in this.  You can create your own garments, open your own store to sell items (a la, interact with other members, stage runway shows, build onto existing communities (in Second Life’s case, communities are broken down into islands), design accessories, etc. 

I’m getting the hang of it slowly. I made my avatar, which I made to look like me as closely as possible. You can change every specific thing about the human body possible on it (including how big you want the male avatar’s package, to which they range it from “coin purse” to “duffle bag”!!!!).




And yes, you can fly and teleport to places in the style of The Matrix! 





Our school’s fashion show this year correlates with our new Burchfield-Penny Art Center. The main installation is Romance Of Urban Decay, and our show’s theme is going to match it. 

Our class was tapped to create graphics for it, to possibly be used in promotion on or otherwise.

Here’s my best submission:




(I have a love for variations on primary colors.)